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 What is RealVitalize?

The RealVitalize program helps with home improvements and repairs to prep your home for sale. We cover your upfront costs and get paid back when your home sells. No hidden fees, interest charges or markups.

Remarkable Results: Homes using the RealVitalize program sell faster and for a better price!*


How Does It Work? 

1. Schedule a Consultation

Talk to a RealVitalize project consultant to discuss the services you need to prep your home for sale. Remember, you pay nothing upfront and don't pay anything back until closing.

2. Select and Schedule the Work

The project consultant will help manage projects from start to finish. You work together to approve vendors and project costs, so you'll know exactly what you'll owe at closing. Your consultant will work with you to find appointment times to work conveniently within your schedule.

3. Sell Your Home. Enjoy the Benefit.

Most homes sell at or above list price* when you use the RealVitalize program. You'll pay us back at closing services.




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